Free resources for youth

Here are some free resources and ideas for adults. Resources are primarily designed for clients of CouragePsyc.

[More coming soon!]

Useful publicly available websites/apps other clients have said are useful (please note that I don’t monitor the content of these sites).


  • Head to Health is a federally funded site that is the google of mental health sites
  • Lifeline (Information, phone number and online chat).
  • Headspace UK (introduction to mindfuness with meditations).
  • MoodGYM (for self-help of mild/moderate mental health conditions using CBT).
  • Reachout (For consumers of mental health services).
  • COPMI (Great for children of parents with mental illness)
  • Youth beyond blue (Great for young people to understand Depression and Anxiety).
  • Kids helpline (information, phone and online chat support for children and youth)
  • eheadspace (for young people aged 12-25).

Apps. (Note. There are many new apps that are release everyday marketed as mental health apps. However, there is now emerging evidence to suggest that not all of these apps are effective and very few actually have research evidence (e.g.)