Free behaviour diary for parents

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Parents are very skillful in identifying undesirable behaviours in their children. Tantrums, swearing, arguing, hitting, etc are all behaviours parents have told me are concerning to them.

Unfortunately, children often misbehave. The first step in preventing and replacing child misbehaviour is to understand why the behaviour is occuring.

First step: Understand the behaviour.

The first step is to understand the behaviour. Why is it happening? Is there a pattern to when it happens? What makes it more likely to happen? While parents often have good ideas of why, it is really helpful to get some cold hard evidence.

This is where the behaviour diary comes in. The behaviour diary is designed to help parents keep track of problem behaviours. It can also help us get an overall understanding of the behaviour. Use a separate behavior diary for each problem behaviour. You may use additional monitoring tools to help you keep track of behaviour.

In my personal experience, those parents who diligently keep a Behaviour Diary for at least a week, have better outcomes in therapy. They are more likely to follow through with other recommendations and report more competence in parenting.

I have provided a copy FREE for you to download and use. Find other FREE resources in the “resource section” of this website.

Once you understand the behaviour, your psychologist, including Karen, can help you find ways to prevent, reduce and replace problem behaviours in children. It’s not going to be easy, but take Courage and be a Brave parent.

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