Call Thoughtful Health (Greenslopes, Brisbane): 07 3463 0722 and ask for a face to face session with Dr H. Karen Li. All other enquires, e.g. about groups or online services should go through

Karen provides a wide variety of psychology services including:

  • Child anxiety, depression, behavioural problems, bullying, eating disorders, pain
  • Adolescent anxiety, depression, substance use, self-confidence, bullying
  • Parenting session and parenting groups
  • Adult anxiety, depression, general counselling.
  • Community seminars and presentations

Do I need a referral from a GP?

  • No referral is required if you pay out of pocket.
  • Substantial rebates are available if you meet eligibility criteria and obtain a referral from your GP.

Brisbane Appointments: Located in Thoughtful Health in Greenslopes, the clinic is only 5 minutes away from the PA hospital. Karen also offers appointments in homes, at schools and hospitals (not initial appointments).

Special request can be made for

  • Cantonese (Chinese) therapy sessions
  • Home visits (mobile services might attract surcharges)
  • School/ office visits