Chinese Triple P seminar

Chinese Triple P seminar

TRIPLE P 家長研討會:

孩子的問題行為可以令父母緊張。這些問題行為可以影響健康成長和發育,而且可以影響整個家庭的和諧。今次家長研討會的目的是要 讓各家長們了解 (1) 為何孩子會有問題行為, (2) 提供實用的解決方法.


Gold Coast Chinese Christian Church
3 Byth Street, Arundel, QLD 4214

Date and time:
Thursday 1 May 2014
9.30am- 12.30pm
午飯分享: 請帶一盤食物
RSVP with 喜樂 BP group or contact me at
Karen Li, Psychologist 李愷恩 (心理學家)

You can download the event flyer below.

Triple P Seminar – BP group

This is a brief 90 minute presentation that gives you an introduction to positive parenting. For many parents, it is recommended that this seminar is followed up by a Level 4 Triple P course.